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Why Amilie?

Why choose me to dive into your sacred expansion? 

Well, the thing is, I can try to convince you by writing a fancy and detailed paragraph that lists all the reasons why I think I am the guide you need but I know how overwhelmed you are as it is because of something beyond your knowing led you here. In any ordinary case, I should be telling you all about my success and risks that lead me to feel confident to guide you and I get it, you really want to trust me. I’ve been there too. I’ve searched endlessly online for the perfect coach, guide, mentor, etc. You name it, I’ve searched it. If you feel like you want to read deeper into who I am I shared a link below and I shared some of my accomplishments as well. I believe that with or without these accomplishments, it’s my competence from doing, my passion and my love for empowering women that has led you to choose me as your guide whether it’s for personal growth or business guidance, I am confident I can serve you on your journey.


Soooo with that said... I'd like to invite YOU to book a 30-minute discovery call with me, so we can have a conversation about this magical possibility to build a sacred partnership and to determine if I fit your requirements and to explore the commitments you are ready to make for yourself. 




Radiant Women Intensive Circle Training Level 1 & 2


Usui Reiki Master & Teacher


Magick Carpet Ride Coaching with Tiffany Joseph


Chakra Meditation Teacher Training


Sacred Business Mastermind with Sora Surya No & Tiffany Scott


Setting Goals, Manifestation and Mysticism Teachings, card reading certifications & more.


Motivation Smile speaker, and online women empowerment groups

Work With Amilie

Here are variety of ways I can assist you on your journey.

Coming this Spring 2021


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Services Available Now

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