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Sacred Expansion Mastership

The Sacred Expansion Mastership program is a profound experience with Amilie. Peel the layers of discovering who you are and taking ownership of your life. You will determine areas you wish to bring more light and areas you wish to shed. Together you will personalized your expansion mastership based on your individual needs and other creative tools. Amilie believes that you heal at your own pace and you carry within you all the properties to heal, grow and transform. 

The Sacred Expansion Mastership program includes:

*Individualized Sacred Expansion Plan 
*Four 45 min mastership calls with Amilie 
*Bi-Weekly Sacred Expansion Sister Meets
*Life Path Reading 
*Guided Meditation Recording by Amilie 

***BONUS Gifts: Mystic Brew Roller***

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Why Choose Amilie ?

Hi sister,

Why choose me to dive into your sacred expansion? well the thing is, I can try to convince you by writing a fancy and detailed paragraph that lists all the reasons why I think I am the guide you need but I know how overwhelmed you are as it is because something led you here.  


Soooo with that said... I'd like to invite YOU to book a 30 minute discovery call with me, so we can discuss this magical opportunity to build a sacred partnership to work together, to determine if I fit your requirements and to explore the commitments you are ready to make for yourself. 

Love & Light, 

Amilie xo

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