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Cultivate Sacredness Virtual Retreat

Talented Women joining forces to bring you a transformational virtual experience.

I had my first taste for holding space for women back in 2015 and from that point the sacred gatherings have evolved. I hosted my first ever in-person retreat during Fall of 2019 with my closest sister Sarah. This year, we had to cancel our retreat due to the current situation that is completely outside of our control. With that said this virtual journey that has transpired because of the pandemic, has ignited an other fire within my heart to create something that will bring transformation to other women. Let me share with you how this vision came to life: After having to cancel our retreat, I shared my vision with Sarah about hosting a virtual retreat. We pondered the thought however we weren't ready yet. I wasn't ready yet. As time went on our visions for the retreat shifted and our hope is to hold an other in-person retreat as soon as the chaos is over. Needless to say, the idea hasn't left my mind. It stalked my thoughts, dreams and even meditation sessions. During the holidays, I had lots of time on my hands and I'm a big-time "day dreamer". My mom would call it one of my flaws but this is where a lot of my creative magick takes place. So one day, I was sitting there and I started to imagine women, some of these women I knew and some of them I couldn't quite identify. To some people, they would consider this day dreaming but to me it was a vision. At that point I grabbed my journal and by the time I signed off my journal, I noticed that I had the entire retreat mapped out. You have been lead here because that spark, that dream or the VISION I had of holding a virtual retreat is finally here and I can't wait to share this experience with you. I have attended a few virtual gatherings myself and I have found them quite enlightening and I have met incredible women along the way. I truly hope you experience something similar and just as enhancing if not more.. 

2 days of powerful women

Cultivate Sacredness Retreat: Heal | Connect | Grow

February 6 & 7 2021 Starts Saturday at 9:00 a.m.

Learn from incredible teachers, healers and speakers who will be sharing with you their medicine. Sharing their knowledge so that YOU can be inspired to heal, connect and grow. Each women who have said yes to bring YOU the messages you have been asking, have been guided to YOU for YOU. The retreat is packed with juicy topics and workshops like group healings, yoga, stress reduction, intuitive play, and much much more. We are so excited to share this experience and the virtual space with YOU! 

See you there!

A special message from the retreat founder & creator

Retreat Line-up


Amilie Chaput

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Mystical Journey

Meet your host and creator of the Cultivated Sacredness Retreat. Amilie will be holding safe space for you as you journey through the retreat. Her extensive experience with holding space for women and her training in women circles along with the Usui Reiki it has provided her the confidence to be your guide.


During the retreat Amilie has a variety of activities lined up including a group healing. To view more information about Amilie click more info..

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Rosalia Rivera

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Rosalia Rivera is a consent educator, abuse prevention specialist, sexual literacy advocate, speaker, change agent, and the founder of CONSENTparenting™. She is the host of the AboutCONSENT™ podcast and creator of CONSENTwear™. Rosalia teaches parents, particularly child sexual abuse survivors, how to educate their children on body safety, boundaries, and consent so that they can empower their families to prevent abuse and break intergenerational cycles. Rosalia is on a mission to end child sexual abuse, dismantle shame, and help survivors heal and become thrivers.


Rosalia is certified through the Canadian Centre for Child Protections COMMIT TO KIDS® program, and Darkness To Light Stewards of Children® program, as well as the human trafficking prevention training program: OnWatch™ by Safe House Project.


Although Rosalia was born in El Salvador and grew up in NY, she now resides in northern Canada with her partner and three young kids.

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Monique Chenier

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Hypnosis & Mindfulness with Monique Chenier

I'm Monique Chénier, and I help people overcome self-sabotaging mind habits that undermine their self-esteem and distract them from their higher purpose by teaching them ways to step into their most powerful selves, find their true calling, and become the change-makers the world needs now.

In the last decade, I've combined my years of experience as an in-class teacher, published writer and certified consulting hypnotist, with a growing understanding of the unconscious mind, Buddhist psychology, yogic philosophy, and mindfulness meditation to help people overcome the obstacles that have held them back in the past. 

Topic: Practicing Loving Kindness Through Writing


In this workshop you will learn a powerful self-compassion technique that will help release negative feelings from the past that may still be undermining your present self.

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Rollie Allaire

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Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Geegado Megwan Kwe

That’s my Spirit name, handed down to me by an elder. Little did I know then how much I would eventually embody that name – “Talking Feather Woman”.


Rollie Allaire is a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach whose Spirit name is Geegado Megwan Kwe, which means Talking Feather Woman.


Since 2001, Rollie has drawn on her extensive career background of clinical psychotherapy skills and – in recent years – combined that with Energy Work, Chakra work, Crystal Reiki, ThetaHealing, Akashic Record reading and clearings, meditation, Moon Medicine teachings and looking at life through the Medicine Wheel in the form of Life & Wellness Coaching and Facilitating.


She helps women with anxiety by giving them the ability to soulfully master their emotions, connect to their true power and learn to feel better in order to take massive action in their life so that they gain confidence, feel self assured, strong, happy and surround themselves with a supportive, connected community when they feel most isolated.


Rollie hosts both local and online groups, creating safe spaces for women to experience deep, life-changing transformations and healing.


In addition to her private groups, Rollie hosts the Chatting with Wisdom show, where she interviews inspiring women from all walks of life who are sharing their gifts (and their journeys) with the world.


Rollie strongly believes that each person has the ability to heal themselves and that her job is to bridge the gap between the client and the methods that best suit their process. No matter what our experience in life we can change our lives by taking action and not staying stuck. By helping ourselves, we help others who are struggling with similar experiences. No one comes through this world without struggle, but it’s how we move through those struggles that gets us to the other side.


In her spare time, Rollie enjoys reading, walks in nature, and spending time with children.

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Vanessa-Lynn Hazelwood

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Vanessa Hazelwood, M.A., RPQ Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying

Vanessa is a therapist and owner of Clarity Counselling Services, working with clients throughout Ontario. In her practice, Vanessa enjoys helping individuals and couples insight and develop healthier coping strategies, communication, and habits, as well as improve functioning and quality of relationships. 

With a particular passion for women’s wellness, Vanessa also offers specialized counselling for women through the challenges that can accompany the menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. 

Vanessa has an undergraduate degree in Health Sciences and Psychology and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She is a member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals and Postpartum Support International

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Sylvie Lamothe

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Rebel Soul Tribe

Sylvie Lamothe is the founder of Rebel Soul Tribe that is built on bringing people together and building community. The Tribe pushes boundaries by continuously offering unique social experiences built on community partnerships and collaborations. What started with the paint and sip event concept has now grown to include a variety of events, workshops and socials. All events are designed to allow you to unplug from the day to day, connect with like minded individuals and explore a variety of interests. Rebel Soul Tribe strives to ensure offerings are unique, creative and engaging. 


Sylvie Lamothe is a yoga teacher specializing in Hatha, Flow, Yin and SUP Yoga. She's built her education in yoga completing courses with Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica, Ashley Turner's Foundations of Yoga for Mental Health Online Training, Yin Yoga Certification with Kata van Doesselaar in Spain and Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga Certification with Paddle Life and Yoga in Niagara Falls. These days you can find her teaching at the Bodhi Tree Hot Yoga Studio.


Sylvie will be facilitating our Mindful Movement Sessions Saturday and Sunday at the conference.

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Rachelle Lavoie

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Magical Inspirations Aromatherpapy

Meet Rachelle Lavoie. She is the owner of Magical Inspiration Holistic Center in Hearst, ON. 


Her background is in social work however once she entered the field, it didn’t take her ling to realize she wouldn’t be able to help people the way she knew she wanted to. 


Her healing journey began and thats when she soon discovered she had a passion for helping and empowering women to become the best versions of themselves. 


She is an Aromatherapist and currently labelling her very own line of essential oils, she offers a variety of healing modalities like Ensofic Ray (reiki), massages and teaches advanced spiritual classes. 

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Kelly Malley

    Personal Growth + Wellness Teacher- The Root to Rise Collective

    The Root to Rise Collective is a space for like-minded souls to come together and to support each other as they root into their personal truths in order to rise to their fullest potential. 


    Kelly is a personal growth and wellness teacher who feels called to share her learning and experiences with others, so that they may reach their fullest potential. Kelly has spent several years learning and unlearning her personal truths, and cultivating practices, rituals, and routines that allow her to stand rooted in her truth and to show up for herself and others in an authentic way. Kelly is passionate about holding space for others and ensuring other women feel seen, heard, loved, and worthy as they explore their most authentic self and start living life on their own terms. 

    Topic:  Connecting with and Becoming your Truest Self - I will offer tools and practices that will help women prioritize time to connect with their inner voice, their intuition, and their truest self. I will share resources and practices that have helped me get to know myself better as I continue to grow and evolve on my personal wellness journey.

    Sample Schedule 

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    Sarah Charbonneau

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    Myo Solace

    Hi I'm Sarah Charbonneau. I’m a mother to three amazing little souls, I also own and operate Myo Solace. Myo Solace is a spiritual holistic massage practice which is located inside All about you medical spa. I am a practitioner of holistic massage and other modalities like reflexology, Chinese fire cupping and aromatherapy. I aim to bring relaxation, peace and understanding to matters of the mind, body & soul.  I am a proud spiritual healer as well as co-facilitated a womens retreat and other online workshops with Amilie.

    Sample Schedule 


    Sample Schedule

    More information coming soon

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